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In the night of  January 14 , 2017  New Year's gala of Emdoor Group was held in shenzhen Baolifang banquet hall.Guests reached more than 1100 people this time, which include customers, partners, suppliers and  all the staff and their families of Emdoor Group. Thank you for coming, Emdoor became 

the president of Emdoor Group,MR. Zhang published a speech in the new year

2016 earnings and 2017 outlook:

In 2016,Emdoor Digital as group's largest subsidiary, under the multiple pressures of tablet shipments fellingsharply, CPU being out of stock, key material price’s increasing , we still had strong growth, turnover was close to 1.3 billion yuan, which had growed 63% compared by last year.Emdoor Information ,who focus on the ruggedand customized products, sales grew 208% compared by last year, net profit get a growth of 727%.The start-up business development tool agent and distribution of Emdoor had a sales up for 30%.Zhi-yu zhang remarked that,"such achievements are inseparable for every colleague's efforts in Emdoor, and are also inseparable for the support of our customers, partners, and suppliers.Thank you for your sacrifice and support".

Hope that my colleagues continue to work hard in 2017. Turnover of each subsidiary: Emdoor Digital achieve 30% growth;Emdoor Information striding forward to achieve 100% growth;Emdoor Electronic to achieve 30% growth.


New business, new areas of investment:

In 2017 ,Emdoor in new business and the new area above will do more layout;1, Emdoor VR has launched numerous VR product.In the coming year,they will bring more new product to market, AR/MR products will also appear in succession.2, at the same time, we will set up two new company ;one is to focus the military-industrial complex product development, the other one is to focus on sensor, intelligent product development of the Internet.The future is bound to become  new business growth point of Emdoor Group, create a new chapter for group.

Talent team construction:

Like big buildings should have a solid foundation, talent is the fundamental for enterprise development .Inthe New Year ,we revolve around on three aspects: fill a vacancy, training, decentralization;We will introduce new talent for vacant positions, lay a good foundation for future development.At the same time, carry out unified, scattered, targeted training for staff. In 2016, we already established the internal "talent meeting" to promote the exchange and study of the employees,which offers a new platform for our employees to progress and ascend.The rapid growth of the group's business, employees, and rapidly expanding and deepening the reform of division, will serve our customers more efficient and more powerful.

Operations management:

We will pay more attention to the systematic management in 2017. In the research and development management system, production operation management system, market sales management system ,we will takesystematic management.

The capital market and financial system:

The rapid development of the enterprise is closely related to capital. On May 24, 2016, Emdoor Informationco., LTD., officially listed in the new three board.This is the first step for Emdoor Group to dock with the capital market.In 2017 ,we will continue to adjust the governance structure and financial system to build   perfect enterprise system.


Finally, we still need to keep the entrepreneurial spirit, has the following basic qualities: the first battle with team; The second  have crisis consciousness every moment; The third more strictly requests ourselves; The fourthhave the determination to complete mission. Here, I wish you all happy New Year!



Emdoor sincerely appreciate the support of partners and suppliers and give the best partner award to Intel, MTK and Microsoft team .Hope that partners and suppliers will give more support in the future and adhere to the spirit of win-win, to create brilliance together.

At the same time,we award the outstanding employees . Hope that everyone can continue to work hard in the new year.

In the party, each department is positive to show themselves. There are touching love songs ,fabulousmodern dance,  professional opera "huangmei opera" and so on.The atmosphere is unusually warm, applause and cheers continued all the time.Hope that we will hand in hand wholeheartedly, strutting, positive struggle, to create a better tomorrow!

"God of fortune" gifts for guests

The team show

The hosts


Gold club for ten years

The lucky draw

The best program

The evening party

About emdoor group:

Emdoor was established in 2002, and now is the world-leading high-tech enterprise in technology selling, application and industrialization, and the innovative company focusing on mobile & industrial application terminals, and IOT system solutions.

Make cutting-edge technology more approachable is the mission of Emdoor. Since the establishment, Emdoor has always been providing the most competitive product solutions and service, including the R & D and manufacturing of value added distribution of embedded tools, consumer electronics ( tablets, 2in1, notebook, AIO, AI speaker), industrial terminals (rugged PDA, rugged tablets, semi-rugged notebook, digital signage, industrial computer & accessories, financial payment products), VR/AR/MR, IOT solutions (terminal, gateway), also the solutions of SW system and cloud service, which are widely used in industries like office work, education ,logistics, auto mobile, finance, commerce, smart home and so on.

Currently, Emdoor has nearly 1000 employees, with over 50% in R & D. Emdoor, with its headquarter in Shenzhen and branch offices in Shanghai and Beijing, consists of several sub-companies including Emdoor Electronics, Emdoor Digital, Emdoor Information, EmdoorVR, E-Maga, Emdoor Defense, and Vinsdom. With over a decades history, Emdoor has created many milestone events and now has become the leading enterprise in driving the building of internet and industrial terminals, IOT infrastructures and Ecosystem.

Email: gms@emdoor.com
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