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In the night of February 1 , 2018New Year's gala of Emdoor Group was held in shenzhen Baolifangbanquet hall. Thanks for peoples reached the gala included customers, partnersIntelMTKAllwinnerMicrosoft ect., suppliers, media, employees and the friends & families who have been supporting the development of Emdoor.Thank you for coming.


In 2018, Emdoor still full of confidence, expect to achieve better results, but also hope that partners, friends of industry chain upstream and downstream on this platform of Emdoor has a greater harvest.



The president of Emdoor Group,MR. Zhang published a speech:

Several keywords generalize 2017-2018:



Nurture: In 2017, two new teams, new companies, were nurtured. The first was Emaga Interconnect, dedicated to the construction of intelligent infrastructure systems for the Internet, providing a complete set of solutions from the cloud, management, and terminal. The second was Ecasdeveloped high reliability, high positioning products in the special area of reinforced tablet notebooks. New team, new business will lay a solid foundation for the future development of the group.

Growth: Emdoor VR had two years of R&D in the VR field, and in 2017, began to scale production and shipping, the company began to precipitate customers, for 2018 the market laid a solid foundation.

Harvest: Emdoor Information has maintained a strong growth in the past two years, and in 2017, made a lot of achievements. Emdoor Electronics was the first business since the Group was founded in 2002, can basically maintain steady growth every year, and break through the billion RMB mark for the first time this year. These are the two harvest teams.

Regrets: Unfortunately, Emdoor Digital have not been able to complete the expected plan. Emdoor Digital are mainly engaged in tablet, 2 in 1, notebook consumer products. It is the biggest piece of business of the Emdoor Group. In 2017, although in market, it is short of key materials or is out of stock and the competition is fierce. But this isn’t the main reason of we haven't finished the project, more reasons that internal management and the adoption of the strategy. In 2018 Emdoor Digital refueling!

Moving: In 2017 Emdoor team did a lot of touching things, the team pursuit of progress, team vitality is still touching.


Wonderful interpretation of the mission, vision, values of Emdoor:

Mission: Make frontier technology more approachable

Vision: The first platform of New Technology Application and industrialization

Values: Survive by fighting, develop by innovation, excellence by perseverance, cooperation by trust, share by sharing responsibility, hand to hand to win the future, feedback the social achievement self.

Finally thanks:


Thank for supporting the development of Emdoor many partners, Gary Gao who is Intel China technology general manager, Monty Wang who is Microsoft R & D Director, and Wu Yifan who is MTK marketing director as partner representatives to share one by one. Thank you for your support. In 2018, let's talk about a brilliant future together.

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