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    In the afternoon of 12th March 2018, Intel hosted the 2018 Intel CTE CEO Summit in Shenzhen Bay Breeze Resort Hotel. Emdoor as the important ODM partners of Intel were invited to the summit. Emdoor won big prize that Intel 2017 One Million Units Award at the meeting.


In 2013, Emdoor cooperated with Intel to start the CTE road, and it has been five years since. Emdoor hand in hand with Intel to create a lot of brilliant and touching memories in past 5 years. Emdoor won Intel million Class delivery Awards for four consecutive years of 2014-2017, as well as won Intel 2in1 Innovation Award for two consecutive years of 2015-2016. This award is not only an affirmation of honor and achievement, but also a testimony to the effort, sweat and effort of behind. The start of a new five years in 2018, like this the theme of Intel that The Jade Dog Shows The Auspicious And Great Wishes, Collect Power of Innovation And Restart Again. We're sure to hit a new high.



In the context of Made In China 2025. Led by Intel, Emdoor follows the pace of Intel and the market.Launching a series of high quality solutions that from entry-level notebooks to senior business books, game books in 2018. Also enters a comprehensive layout in the internet of things field, has launched many solutions including industrial control, the building, the intelligent city and the various industries. Hope that the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain will continue to work together with us to create brilliance and never fail to live up to this great era.




Enterprise concept of Emdoor:

Mission: making advanced technology more approachable.

Vision: the first platform for new technology application and industrialization.

Values: survival through struggle, development by change, excellence by persistence, cooperation by trust, sharing by sharing, partnership and win-win future, giving back to social achievements.

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