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The largest consumer electronics exhibition in Asia was successfully held on 18th - 21st April 2018 at the Hong Kong airport Exhibition. From tablet, notebook, intelligent speaker, VR/AR, rugged products, Internet of things LoRa system solution to a series of solutions products and services based on application Azure, gathered at the exhibition,and won the praise of customers. It also fully shows the achievements of the development of Emdoor in cross-industry and cross-domain.


Consumer products are the most closely related products of the exhibition, which is the main theme of exhibition and our main battlefield. Emdoor is already familiar project quotient on tablet and two-in-one in products in this industry. Trends, new product and project of Emdoor are still the focus of throughout the industry. The exhibition has attracted a lot of customers.


Pushing forward the industry and leading the development of the market are still the main theme of Emdoor adheres. Emdoor has experienced germination, development, brillinant, maturity, to the present post-tablet era in this industry, also experienced every things of this industry, still in the depth development of the mature market. Emdoor has been working hard in tablet product, still has new innovations in the ID details, cost integreted and production processes, has stride forward in product form, launched a series of intelligent speakers by integrated the functions of tablet and audio and AI and algorithm, also launched new product pattems in smart business, family life, child education and elderly couples ect., of the field of artificial intelligence, leading the industry to move forward.


Emdoor and Intel began the road of CTE in 2013.Windows products have started high - speed development in Shenzhen. From Windows tablet & two-in-one products develop to notebook in 2018. Emdoor launched entry-level notebook of best cost and best quality of a series of CTE in this exhibition. Full series of 10.1 inch to 15.6 inch are used Intel Gemini Lake CPU and Windows10 OS, can suppored the functions of handwriting, fingerprint, Cotana and keyboard PTP of Windows10.

At the same time, a series of metal plastics, all metal ID, Hero Device with ultra-thin features, also are innovative products of CTE, also are LOEM brand upgrding products.


In the innovation of new and performance, Emdoor also launched the mainstream notebook products, such as 13.3 inch to 15.6 inch business notebook was used chip solution of Intel high performance Kaby Lake-R/G/i5/i7, is business office and gamers best product. At the same time, It launched a series of high-end Mini PC with fan and high performance, which is the innovative production of the traditional notebook field .


Emdoor Group accumulated techanology, in-depth development of products, in the face of different industries. It has a mature and stable rugged tablets, rugged notebook, rugged handheld terminals have been shipped on a large scale in the market, have been approved by the majority of customers.



In the field of VR/AR, there are PC VR head-displays, visual VR integrated machine of Allwinner VR9, high-end VR integrated machines of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and AR projects. In past three years, Emdoor VR has played an important role in promoting the development of virtual reality industry circle.



Emdoor has the complete system solution of from Azure to tube to end, which has begun to enter the actual combat stage in the field of Internet of thing in the diversified development,  began to mature in the field of intelligent lighting control.


Emdoor Group Introduction:

Established in 2002,Emdoor Group is a leading the high-tech enterprise of technology sales, application and industrialization. It is innovative company that focuses on mobile terminal, industry application terminal and Internet of things system solutions.

Let cutting-edge technology more accessible is Emdoor group's mission, Emdoor staff provide customers with the most competitive product solutions and services as always since the establishment of the Emdoor; the main R & D and production of the value-added distribution and consumer products of embedded tool (tablet computer, 2 in 1 notebook, one machine, intelligent box), industry terminal(Rugged handheld, Rugged table, Rugged semi-rugged notebook, commercial display terminal, Industrial PC box, industrial control products, Financial payment products), virtual reality (VR/AR/MR), Networking (terminal, gateway, solutions); Simultaneously also provide software system and cloud service scheme for customers; widely used in life, office, education, logistics, car, finance, business, intelligent home and other related industries.


Emdoor Corporate Philosophy:

Mission: Make frontier/cutting-edge  technology more accessible         

Vision: To be the first platform for new technology and industrial application

Values: We fight, hence we survive. We change, hence we evolve. We persevere, hence we excel. We trust, hence we collaborate. We participate, hence we share. We, with partners, shall win the future. We, with contribution to society, shall complete ourselves.

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