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We are always the best ODM partner of Microsoft, we are always the leading solution company in CTE industry, we are always working hard on Windows solution the by our strength and wisdom.At July 31th,2018,we won the awards again which are Microsoft 2018 CTE Partner Award  &”Digital transition success Award ” in the Microsofts dinner party.This is the witness of Emdoors effort on Windows solution at the past year, as well as an affirmation to Emdoor.


During the 2017~2018, Emdoor launched hundreds of products on Windows devices,more than 95% is Modern PC, to bring the simple,quick,high efficiency result to the users, to improve the experience of products usage. At April 8th,2018, the meeting of Shenzhen Windows notebook with the key point star ,Emdoor launched the Windows10 In S mode products at the first time,now most of the previous products can change into Windows10 In S mode version.


In the Microsoft Azure solution, from advertising post system, to device management system, to new retail cloud system, Emdoor began its new and multi-distribution, it extended the usage fields among many industries,to bring more changes to peoples manufactures and lives.



Shared Vision • Shared Successand cooperation with Microsoft to promote the advancement of CTE has always been our responsibility and goal.



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