Integrity Report
Report Acceptance Scope

Report Acceptance Scope

Illegal and non-compliant matters caused by the employees of Emdoor Group and its holding and affiliated subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and related suppliers, distributors, outsourcers, customers and other partners who violate the law or the requirements of the relevant regulations of the Company, resulting in losses or potential risks to the Company.

The scope of the report includes:

  • Employees accept any form of gifts, banquets, travel and other improper benefits from suppliers and other partners
  • Employees embezzlement, theft, misappropriation of funds, misappropriation of company assets and favouritism to damage the interests of the company and other illegal and undisciplined acts
  • Employees offer bribes to partners, accept bribes, ask for bribes, introduce bribes, etc.
  • Employees take advantage of their positions to seek illegitimate interests for themselves, interested parties or others
  • Employees receive kickbacks, handling fees, etc.
  • Employees implement related party transactions or violate conflict of interest clauses
  • Other corrupt practices
Notes on reporting

Notes on reporting

Reported content must be true and as detailed as possible, at least should include the name of the person being reported, the department where the person being reported, as well as the details, the process, the time and place of occurrence and other information of the reported matter, and provide evidence of the reported matter (documents, pictures, video and other relevant evidence).

In order to facilitate our company to conduct in-depth verification of the reported issues received, we recommend that the informant letter left name, telephone, contact address or other valid contact information in the report

Reporting Channel

Emdoor has hired Liu Ping's team of lawyers from Guantao Law Firm (Shenzhen Office) as an independent third party to provide professional legal services, specifically to deal with Emdoor's integrity compliance issues, and to conduct independent investigations and provide a range of professional services.The website, telephone number, email address and letter receiving address of Emdoor Integrity Report are published as follows:

  • Website:
  • Telephone: 18926412502
  • Email:
  • Address:
    56/F Tower 1, Excellence Century Centre, Jintian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guantao Law Firm Shenzhen OfficeRecipient: Liu Ping Lawyer Team / 13522104061

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